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Emilee Rader

Associate Professor @ the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Yours, Mine, and (Not) Ours: Social Influences on Group Information Repositories

by: Emilee Rader


Group information repositories are systems for storing and organizing files in a central location all group members can access. The functionality and capabilities of these systems are essentially the same as the desktop metaphor of personal information management (PIM) systems. Using a case study of a group information repository, I argue that social factors affect the information structure of the repository, and how it grows and evolves over time. Users restrict their activities to files they “own,” are reluctant to delete files that might be useful to others, dislike the clutter that results, and can become demotivated if no one views files they uploaded.


Emilee Rader. “Yours, Mine, and (Not) Ours: Social Influences on Group Information RepositoriesCHI 2009. Boston, MA. April 2009. [Best Paper Honorable Mention (top 5%)]

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